Why You Are Not My #GOALS

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The trend of #goals has absolutely nothing to do with ourselves, but is entirely based on comparison. Another person and their life can not be your #goals.

Coffee, breakfast and a book are my escape from life stress

You may get inspired by another person’s achievements, but your goal(s) shouldn’t be, “I want to look like Gigi Hadid.”

No matter what your goals, they should be based on things you enjoy and will make you a better version of yourself.

That sometimes may mean a higher fat percentage, being single or compromising financial freedom.

Move in a way that you enjoy. 

I love increasing my strength, but you may not.

In 2014, I used to guilt myself into running. It increased binge behaviours and ended in an achilles injury.

A friend set a goal to run a marathon. She runs all the time and claims to look and feel great. Does that mean I should set the same goal as her? There is nothing wrong with running but it is a different experience for her than it is for me. I just need to accept that and move on with living my life, not hers.

Weight loss meant a lot to me at this point in my life, but life changes require goals to change as well.

Specific exercise isn’t as important as the general concept of daily movement and activity.

Your self-worth is not based on how you measure up to others.

Why should you feel guilty for not going on a beach vacation, if you know you don’t enjoy beach vacations? Everyone on Instagram is in Cuba but how do you know they weren’t battling traveler’s diarrhea between bikini shots?

The take home message is that you are not going to get any further in life by trying to live up to someone else’s ideals, or pursuing someone else’s hobby.

Find a home within yourself. Find what allows you to thrive.

Set goals that will motivate you to develop in areas that have significance to you, and not #goals that have been planted in your head by social media trends. The reality is that trends will fade, but you never should by trying to keep up with them.


Antigua 2017 with my best friends

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