Losing weight won’t buy you happiness

The over-glorification of weight-loss has officially exhausted me and I’m determined to put an end to it.

I was reading old blog posts discussing my challenges with self-acceptance and improvement and I can say I am so proud of how far I’ve come. There is nothing more I wish to pass on to the women of this world than the same feeling of self-awareness, satisfaction and love.


Truth: losing 45 pounds didn’t make me any happier.

Losing fat is not the miracle strategy to ultimate happiness. Women in pursuit of smaller waist lines and abs, as if it’s the most important thing in their life, don’t get very far.

The initial process is satisfying but the honeymoon ends eventually. It’s hard to let go of the “high” of losing weight and you will find your goal body becomes more and more out of reach. You develop an unquenchable thirst, constantly idolizing others, when instead you should be idolizing yourself.


WhatsApp Image 2018-04-22 at 8.41.35 PM
Am I insta-worthy yet?

The way I see it…

Being or feeling “overweight” is a symptom of a larger struggle, not the problem itself.

Obsessing with the need to be smaller is a way to avoid the real problems in life. It’s an intelligent coping mechanism your mind has developed to avoid facing true anxiety.

How I choose to love myself

(spoiler alert: it isn’t through dieting)

Because I’m worth it.


  1. I look in the mirror every day

    I don’t care if I’m bloated, tired, energized, hungry, constipated, full or anxious. I stand in front of the mirror before or after I shower and tell myself I’m the sh*t. I genetically carry weight in my stomach and it responds very quickly to changes in body weight. I jokingly named him “Sebastian” and make sure to speak lovingly to him because he’s a part of me and deserves respect. 

  2. I don’t force cardio

    There is something wrong with getting extremely agitated if you don’t sweat off extra “weekend calories.” Doing cardio used to make me feel less fat. However, I decided to teach myself how to feel less fat by finding a healthy headspace, rather than blowing off my knees on a treadmill.

    I still do cardio if I’ve got energy to channel into some rowing or running. Cardio is no longer a punishment, but rather a fun challenge. My “fatness” is no longer determined by how much or how little sweat I produced in a day.

  3. I use the scale as a tool for self-awareness

    I first dumped it for the sake of mental health. Then I started forcing myself to stand on it once I was ready to face my fears head on. My plan was to step on, read the number, acknowledge it, and move on with my day unaffected.

    I wanted to disassociate the number with my emotions. It helped me gain awareness on how my body responds to things like large meals, ovulation, high salt or dehydration. Once I became really good at this, I slowly started tasting freedom.

  4. I train with a purpose

    Someone please tell #fitfam that taking a day off is good for you and there is more to life than crippling soreness. Too many people are exercising with no intrinsic purpose. The motivation of wanting to look hotter than someone won’t last long. I chose to stop simply exercising and started training for strength. I genuinely love the process of improvement and this decision almost single-handedly changed my entire relationship with my body and food.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-25 at 11.51.46 AM

It’s your turn…

Motivation based on the desire to impress others or burn calories is doing your body a disservice instead of making it healthier.

Treat yourself the way you would want it to be treated by others.

Challenge yourself today by making goals focused on personal growth rather than personal shrinkage. Identify the habits holding you back, and fight against them.

Your life may not be depending on it, but trust me, your happiness is.







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