Fitness is not measured by your #transformation

I love making impulsive decisions and changing things up in life, keeps me on my toes I suppose.

Whether it’s chopping my hair off and dyeing it, or saying I’m fed up with the meat industry and never eating it again. I do well when adapting to big life changes.

However, this personality trait becomes a problem when you start to notice areas in your life that aren’t changing. Are you not dedicated enough? Are you not focused enough? Panic sets in that you must act NOW.

In the last 2-3 years I have realized through both my body composition and deadlift, that maintenance is sometimes progress in itself.


Exhibit A: I have weighed the same for years (+/- 6lbs). 

This is tough to come to terms with for those with a history of major weight loss. To see you are not moving anywhere is demotivating. But everyone ignores that maintaining weight is not easy at all. If you have plateau-ed weight after yo-yoing for years, that is an accomplishment.

1 year: same weight, definitely stronger, marginally leaner.

I have been wearing the same dress size for at least 2 years. I do slip up mentally, but I am so much more comfortable in my own skin even at higher body weights.

I consistently make conscious food choices and train like a strength athlete, but I could not have done it without changing my perspective on what a healthy, fit body looks like.

Lesson: The best transformation is always the one that happens inside your head.

Exhibit B: I haven’t PR-ed my deadlift in over a year

I have a poverty deadlift, and it hasn’t gotten much better since last year. But you know what has? Squat and bench.

Firstly, it’s difficult to get better at everything all at once.

Secondly, I seem to forget I mildly pulled my back twice in the last year. It was just enough for my body to set up physical and mental road blocks every time I tried to deadlift. Quite frankly, it is an accomplishment I managed the discomfort through meet prep and was still able to pull my last recorded max at the meet.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 7.20.52 AM

Little did I know, even while my deadlift wasn’t increasing, my body was still learning. I have better cues and a lot more patience when pulling the weight. I am expecting a PR at my next meet, so stay tuned.

Lesson: be patient because change often takes place so slowly you don’t even see it happening.
I ran 5K in 25 minutes in 2015. I can barely do it in 30min now.

I know it can feel catastrophic to have not made any sizeable progress, but a lack of regression IS sometimes progress.

Don’t forget that switching goals, is also not forbidden in life. My running time has definitely regressed since 2015, and I definitely can’t fit into a size 0, but I just genuinely don’t care.

Learn to be okay with what your current focus is, and if not, change it.

Final lesson: you don’t need to undergo a drastic transformation to be considered successful, strong, lean or fit. 

*and on that note, unfollow anyone from social media that makes you feel inferior through comparison. I unfollowed all bodybuilding related accounts when I started powerlifting and it was the healthiest thing I ever did*

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