The perfect powerlifting meet

I am still digesting all the emotions from my second powerlifting meet that took place on September 15 2018. I competed in the 60kg junior class in a meet of all female lifters.

Post-competition blues don’t seem to be an issue with me because I don’t actually place a lot of emphasis on the competition day, but rather the difficult process of getting to that day. I am all in for the callouses, sweat and tears and even sometimes pee.

The gym was so hot I think everyone dropped a weight class by 3pm.

So allow me to recap the day and what all this really means to me. Because no one actually signs up for a powerlifting meet to just show people they can lift weights.

I had exactly 4 goals for this meet.
  1. Weight in between 58 and 59 kilos
  2. PR on deadlift
  3. Total 290kg
  4. Successfully complete all second attempt lifts

Weigh Ins

I was walking around at 58-59kg and then dehydrated to 57kg for my last meet. Now I was 61kg at 6 weeks out. This would mean sacrificing strength to get back down to 57kg.

The sassy face I gave waiting for rack command because I missed it on my opener.

I am a confident dieter just because of years of unfortunate experience.  I immediately took control and cut down very slowly to 59.5kg. I dropped some water weight in the last week to make sure I successfully made it to my goal… and I did at 58.6kg.

Deadlift PR

I honestly thought I was going to faint while warming up for deadlifts, the gym was unbelievably hot and I could not cool down.

But I knew that this was what I was here for. I signed up to redeem myself so I would do just that. I just kept saying in my head: “I came for this and nothing else”

Being dramatic because it is an unofficial rule that everyone must have a set up routine.

So I stood in front of the turbo fans before each lift, gave my belt a good slap, and literally hit all 3 attempts like I was pulling 90%.

Deadlifts have always been a weakness. I used to give up as soon as I noticed the weight not moving. But I developed a new cue right where right before the initial pull I just think PATIENCE. Alas, I hit consecutive PRs smoother than (vegan) butter.

Let’s take in the irony of 2 vegan powerlifters and a Bacon vs Nobody shirt in the back

Total 290kg

I surpassed with 292.5kg. Not much to say here other than I am glad I stayed conservative with the goal. Knowing my PRs had clean form means my strength has actually sky rocketed far beyond my expectations.

242.5lbs squat did not even feel heavy on my back. I was speechless.

This only gives me fire to go back into the gym and continue improving.

Second attempts

I made this a goal because missing my second squat at my first meet really messed me up mentally. I was determined to not let that happen again.

The powerlifting Gods decided to test me on this with bench. I will admit I didn’t care for my bench performance at this meet. I made my second attempt the final attempt from my last meet…. and boy did I struggle.


The entire ascent took a full 10 seconds. It paused, I fought, it paused, I fought… over and over and over until I got it up. I caught a glimpse of a ruined total and decided I would rather have my arm snap off than bail the lift.

I got 3 white lights. I have no damn idea what happened, but I am so glad it did.

Oh the places you’ll go….

This meet was absolutely perfect even though I had strength left in the tank, didn’t PR my bench and weighed in heavier than my last meet. It was perfect because I did exactly what I set out to do.

The longer you lift you realize that not everything is going to happen all at once and at the same speed.

How I got my knee sleeves over my calves is still a mystery.

Fighting with myself through a year of mediocre deadlifts and seeing incremental to no progress almost broke me several times. I know ALL about emotional breakdowns in gym bathrooms.

2017 was about getting comfortable with my strength and allowing my body to grow. 2018 has taught me patience, commitment and perseverance. I have learned to see the lifts through, I have learned to trust myself, my programming, my abilities and it really showed at this meet.

I can not wait to see what my body and my mind are capable of in 2019.

IMG_3499 2.jpg
Bar is loaded.

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  1. 242 lb squat? Fantastic. Great total, too.


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