25 years wiser, maybe

I don’t think every birthday warrants a big hoo-ha and accompanying blogpost. However, I’d say 25 is somewhat of a milestone.

I don’t think every birthday warrants a big hoo-ha and accompanying blogpost. However, I’d say 25 is somewhat of a milestone.

You’re old enough to have a generally cynical view of the world, but young enough to potentially change the course of your life trajectory.

It’s the age we associate with the quarter life crisis, being optimally fertile (yikes) and the age when society starts to consider you a (somewhat) responsible adult.

To say I’m in crisis would be a bit dramatic, but to say I don’t feel like I’m standing firmly on two feet would be an understatement.

But, I am grateful nonetheless to have had the opportunity to experience 25 years the way I did and with that I’ve compiled a list of lessons I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Lows are always followed by highs but that also means highs are always followed by lows
  2. A relationship can’t exist without patience, communication, empathy and trust.
  3. Family and blood relatives are generally forced upon you and you are not required to be bonded, love or even like all of them so don’t waste time feeling guilty that you blocked them on social media.
  4. Being high achieving in grade school did nothing positive for me and I vow to never ask my kids where the “other 20% is” when they bring home an A-
  5. Non-human animals deserve this Earth more than we do
  6. Your 1, 5 and 10 year plans will never turn out as planned. That doesn’t mean you stop making goals altogether, it just means you shouldn’t feel like a failure just because you’ve been steered onto a different path.
  7. Gaining weight is not as catastrophic as the women in your family make it out to be
  8. Losing weight is not as glamorous or rewarding as anyone makes it out to be
  9. The more extreme someone’s opinions are, the more incorrect and further from the truth they likely are (this goes for both directions).
  10. Removing the word “too” to describe anyone is a really quick and easy way to stop being an asshole.
  11. Laundry will never end.
  12. You will never regret getting a full night of sleep, so just go home
  13. Identifying as a people pleaser is not something you should be proud of
  14. Having love in your heart toward someone is for your own good, not for their benefit. You are allowed to love people who don’t reciprocate.
  15. I would never wish chronic pain or an invisible illness on anyone
  16. You don’t need to hit your head to have a concussion, you don’t need to go unconscious to get post-concussion syndrome
  17. Mom was right, wearing a hat, boots and gloves will keep you significantly warmer
  18. Don’t stop reading books because it’s hard to get back into it after too many months have gone by
  19. No text message, phone call, email or DM will ever replace face-to-face, human conversation

And I guess we’ll just leave it at that. I’m sure there’s more, but I refuse to make this a list of 25 things because this isn’t buzzfeed.

And, I know feeling uncertain about the future isn’t unique to me, and your 20s are the decade of trying to figure it all out, but some days it can feel like you don’t even know what you’re supposed to even figure out.

But until then, I suppose you can just find me doing laundry… again.

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